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Exciting News!

Valued RayzMobile Customer,

As always, we appreciate the Ultra Mobile business you are doing and we thank you for your part in Ultra’s success.   We think you will be pleased with the future of your Ultra business.

RayzMobile, your exclusive Ultra Master Agent, is entering into a partnering relationship with SIMpro, also an exclusive Ultra Master Agent, to continue to serve you at the highest level of support and professionalism.  Like RayzMobile, SIMpro has been an exclusive Master Agent for Ultra Mobile since Ultra’s launch two years ago. And during this time SIMpro has earned a strong reputation in the marketplace delivering the Ultra program at the national level, with their personal approach and operational systems which were built to serve you.

With over thirty years of experience, founding partners Brian Kleinberg and Tom Strowbridge and their friendly and helpful staff have demonstrated the highest levels of honesty and integrity, in their proven track record of supporting independent wireless Retailers. It’s their life. It’s what they do.

In supporting the RayzMobile family, SIMpro has invested in additional inside and outside support resources in preparation for everyone’s growth. Over the next weeks, we’ll reaching out to you personally to share our thoughts for the future, and we’ll be asking you for yours.

Call More Countries Free With Ultra!



And remember, Ultra Zero comes on ALL Ultra Mobile plans! The first 1000 minutes of calling to Ultra Zero countries is zero cents per minute (FREE!). After that, subscribers can still use their included international call credit to keep making calls at regularly posted (and really great!) rates. 

China, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Nigeria and MORE are now included! See below or visit, Ultra.me or ultraagents.com for full list of countries.  Call or email us today for refreshed collateral for your location featuring these spectacular new program additions!


American Samoa Czech Republic (m) Liechtenstein (m) Russia
Argentina Denmark (m) Lithuania (m) San Marino
Australia (m) Dominican Republic Luxemborg Singapore (m)
Austria (m) Estonia Macau (m) Slovakia
Bahrain (m) Finland Malaysia (m) Slovenia
Bangladesh France (m) Malta South Africa
Belgium (m) Germany (m) Mexico (m) South Korea (m)
Bermuda Greece Monaco Spain (m)
Brazil (m) Guam Morocco Sweden (m)
Brunei Hong Kong (m) Netherlands Switzerland
Bulgaria Hungary New Zealand Taiwan
Cambodia Iceland Nigeria Thailand (m)
Canada (m) India (m) Norway Turkey
Chile* (m) Indonesia – Jakarta Panama United Kingdom (m)
China (m) Ireland Paraguay Uruguay
Colombia* Israel (m) Peru* Vatican City (m)
Costa Rica Italy Poland (m) Venezuela
Croatia Japan Portugal (m) Vietnam
Cyprus Latvia Romania  

(m) means that mobile phones are included in that destination.

Ask Us About Ultra TV!

Ultra Mobile is proud to announce the official launch of Ultra TV.  Ultra TV offers the most eye-catching and customer engaging in- store experience available to the independent retailer today. Ultra TV provides rich content targeted directly to your customers.


If you are interested in becoming a premier Ultra Mobile Retailer and taking advantage of this opportunity, please call or email your RayzMobile representative to learn more about the program. 

Ultra Mobile Launches Ultra G

Just announced! The Ultra G plan launches September 25th.  

For customers where data is a primary purchasing decision, the new black and gold Ultra G plan is designed to give them just that, while still offering great international calling options.

Features include:

Ultra Mobile Ultra G Plan

·         Unlimited talk, global text and data

·         4 GB of 4G data

·         Unlimited 3G speeds - 256 kbps (up from 128 kbps)

·         $5 of Monthly Calling Credit (down from $20)

·         International For Everyone: Ultra Zero, Call Me Free, International Direct Dial

·         Voicemail, caller ID, 3 way calling, free 411, and MMS

Note: On Sep 25th all existing $59 Plan Subscribers will be upgraded to the new plan and receive a one-time Ultra Wallet bonus load of $20.  This is to provide ample time to enjoy the Ultra G package which includes more data and less international calling credit. 

If consumers decide they would like to stick with their original combo of 2 GB of data and $20 of call credit monthly, no problem, they can downgrade to the $49 Plan which continues to have $20 Monthly Int’l Credit and use UltraUp to purchase additional 4G data if they need it ($10 buys another 1 GB of data via UltraUp).

An Ultra G $59 Plan FAQ is available in the portal. 


Ultra Mobile Zero Cents Per Minute!!

This month at the Prepaid Press Expo Ultra Mobile launched ULTRA ZERO!

What is Ultra Zero? 

It's an amazing cost saving feature that enables Ultra Mobile subscribers to make international calls to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, and the United Kingdom at zero cents per minute for the first 1,000 minutes…landline and mobile (Mexico & UK are landline only).  This is available on all rate plans…even the $19 plan! 

 Ultra Zero is free on all plans.  After 1000 mins, all calls to these destinations are 1 cent/min - and yes, you can still use your free monthly call credit and the Call Me Free Feature.   

Let us know if you have any questions and happy selling!

Thanks to those who stopped by to see us at the Prepaid Press Expo, and thanks to all for your continued support of Ultra Mobile's great offering! 

RayzMobile Drawing and Handset Promo

Thanks to all of our purple pulling doors who participated in the iPhone Drawing and Handset Promo this July! We appreciate your partnership! And a special congrats to our iPhone winner, and to all who qualified for the BLU LifePlay or Samsung A160.  

March Retailer Promotions

retailer merchandising


retailer education and promotions

March has been an exciting month for Ultra.

With advertising campaigns in several markets, doors have been swinging as consumers hear about the great international calling values available with Ultra Mobile. 

We've also enjoyed the opportunity to help many of our retailers with promotions of their own - from putting out amazing giant bow flags, to employee education and incentive programs, to organizing fun in store events.

If you have a great idea for your store, let us know! 

3 More Reasons To Love Ultra Mobile This Valentine's Day

February with the Ultras is off to a great start, and we have some amazing updates we're excited to share.

1. We kicked off the month with even LOWER international calling rates.

The $49 plan comes with $20 of direct dial credit FREE every month, now that will give you even MORE minutes! 

International dialing rates have been lowered for Asia, Europe, Canada, Argentina, China, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Chile, Columbia, India, Dominican Republic and MORE. 1000 International Long Distance minutes free to the DR? Yep.  A penny a minute to Mexico land lines?  That's right! Say good bye to calling cards! Check out all the current rates at Ultra.me. 

2. Do you know about the amazing $29 Monthly Unlimited Talk and International Text plan Ultra offers?  Well, it just got even better.  

The $29 monthly plan now includes 50 MB of data, so continue to text away - and now you can also send a picture message to Mom if you want!

3.  I know, you're thinking...there's more?  Yes, there is.  Ultra Mobile announced their brand new $59 monthly plan this month.

 For the international caller who also really loves their 4G data, Ultra Mobile's $59 plan gives you a month of Unlimited Talk, International Text and 2 GB of 4G data!  After the 2GB, you will still have unlimited 3G speeds available to you.  Plus, this plan includes the same $20 of International Direct Dial credit as the $49 monthly plan. In addition, all Ultra Mobile subscribers have the ability to add more international credit to their line when needed - receiving the same LOW rates. Any extra funds added throughout the month that go unused will  ROLL OVER to your next month of service.  

And don't forget -- ALL MONTHLY PLANS include the Call Me Free feature at no charge to you, allowing your loved ones outside of the US to reach your Ultra Mobile phone by dialing a local number in their country. Yes, they can reach you without incurring any international long distance fees!  See Ultra.me for available countries and details.  

Happy Valentine's Day from Ultra and Rayz! Send us a note or give us a call - we'll get you signed up as an Ultra Mobile dealer and share the love!   


Call Me Free - International Callers Call You Free on Ultra Mobile!

Ultra Mobile has launched their new Call Me Free feature - enables unlimited free international calls on the $29, $39 and $49 monthly plans!

Includes Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, United Kingdom, Vietnam. Plus many more countries!

Here's how it works: 

  • Share Call Me Free numbers with family and friends worldwide.
  • To call you, they first dial a local Call Me Free number.
  • Ultra answers and prompt them to enter your Ultra Mobile number.
  • Ultra connects them to you as a free international call!


Ultra Mobile SIMs Available Now


Ultra Mobile launches 10/30 and here at Rayz we are very excited and honored to be one their national master agent distributors. At RayzMobile we are dedicated to serving a hard working group of wireless agents and dealers that like to bring value to their customers. The Ultra Mobile SIM program will be offering some of the most competitive wireless plans in the business, among them being a fantastically valued $29 Unlimited Talk and Global Text program.  Yes, that's right, unlimited international texting and unlimited talk in the US, with access to some of the lowest international rates available via calling card or mobile carrier. All with a plug and play SIM card solution. 


Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook, and sign up for the sweepstakes to win a year of Ultra Mobile Service and a Samsung Galaxy S3!

Stay tuned for more great promotions and information on the new UV Mastercard that is sure to knock your socks off.