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3 More Reasons To Love Ultra Mobile This Valentine's Day

February with the Ultras is off to a great start, and we have some amazing updates we're excited to share.

1. We kicked off the month with even LOWER international calling rates.

The $49 plan comes with $20 of direct dial credit FREE every month, now that will give you even MORE minutes! 

International dialing rates have been lowered for Asia, Europe, Canada, Argentina, China, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Chile, Columbia, India, Dominican Republic and MORE. 1000 International Long Distance minutes free to the DR? Yep.  A penny a minute to Mexico land lines?  That's right! Say good bye to calling cards! Check out all the current rates at Ultra.me. 

2. Do you know about the amazing $29 Monthly Unlimited Talk and International Text plan Ultra offers?  Well, it just got even better.  

The $29 monthly plan now includes 50 MB of data, so continue to text away - and now you can also send a picture message to Mom if you want!

3.  I know, you're thinking...there's more?  Yes, there is.  Ultra Mobile announced their brand new $59 monthly plan this month.

 For the international caller who also really loves their 4G data, Ultra Mobile's $59 plan gives you a month of Unlimited Talk, International Text and 2 GB of 4G data!  After the 2GB, you will still have unlimited 3G speeds available to you.  Plus, this plan includes the same $20 of International Direct Dial credit as the $49 monthly plan. In addition, all Ultra Mobile subscribers have the ability to add more international credit to their line when needed - receiving the same LOW rates. Any extra funds added throughout the month that go unused will  ROLL OVER to your next month of service.  

And don't forget -- ALL MONTHLY PLANS include the Call Me Free feature at no charge to you, allowing your loved ones outside of the US to reach your Ultra Mobile phone by dialing a local number in their country. Yes, they can reach you without incurring any international long distance fees!  See Ultra.me for available countries and details.  

Happy Valentine's Day from Ultra and Rayz! Send us a note or give us a call - we'll get you signed up as an Ultra Mobile dealer and share the love!