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Ultra Mobile Launches Ultra G

Just announced! The Ultra G plan launches September 25th.  

For customers where data is a primary purchasing decision, the new black and gold Ultra G plan is designed to give them just that, while still offering great international calling options.

Features include:

Ultra Mobile Ultra G Plan

·         Unlimited talk, global text and data

·         4 GB of 4G data

·         Unlimited 3G speeds - 256 kbps (up from 128 kbps)

·         $5 of Monthly Calling Credit (down from $20)

·         International For Everyone: Ultra Zero, Call Me Free, International Direct Dial

·         Voicemail, caller ID, 3 way calling, free 411, and MMS

Note: On Sep 25th all existing $59 Plan Subscribers will be upgraded to the new plan and receive a one-time Ultra Wallet bonus load of $20.  This is to provide ample time to enjoy the Ultra G package which includes more data and less international calling credit. 

If consumers decide they would like to stick with their original combo of 2 GB of data and $20 of call credit monthly, no problem, they can downgrade to the $49 Plan which continues to have $20 Monthly Int’l Credit and use UltraUp to purchase additional 4G data if they need it ($10 buys another 1 GB of data via UltraUp).

An Ultra G $59 Plan FAQ is available in the portal.