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The Rayz team consists of some ‘old hands’ in the prepaid payments and activations business. Okay, only one of the team is really old, the rest are much younger but very highly experienced. Rayz was created specifically to help launch the Ultra Mobile offering in October, 2012 and was the first national master distributor appointed by Ultra in early August. Rayz is a strong supporter of the Ultra brand and objectives and manner of doing business in the prepaid space.




Dianna Kertz is a Rayz founding team member. Dianna earned her M.B.A. from the Henry W. Bloch School of Management at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and began her career with Sprint, primarily involved in payment management and financial operations. She then spent time at Cerner Corporation, a leading healthcare technology firm, helping to develop their international markets, before rejoining the wireless industry with the epay division of Euronet Worldwide. While at epay she handled business operations and carrier relations, and was responsible for much of the business acquisition and ongoing account management of the largest Boost Mobile masters beginning in 2008.

Dianna possesses a unique blend of technical, operational and interpersonal skills, which she brings to Rayz. At Rayz, Dianna is responsible for all things technical and operational and creative and customer-facing. And, as part of the team, she also manages to do her share of selling.





Tammy Dingee is also an Rayz founding team member. Tammy has long experience in the telecom industry, going back to her days in the early 90’s and including stints with Pagenet and Mobilcom. In the mid-90s, Tammy was head of operations for a California regional paging carrier, Paging Dimensions, Inc. In 2000, she transitioned to a similar role for a Prepaid Concepts, Inc. (“Precept”), a start-up in the prepaid wireless industry. While at Precept, Tammy participated in the rollout of Boost Mobile in late 2002.

Tammy has extensive experience in both the distribution of telecom gear and the electronic distribution of wireless airtime, including the Rayz relationship with the Emida platform that supports our top-up efforts. In addition to handling agent and sub-distributor relationships, she also is involved in the sale and introduction of Ultra offerings.




Another member of the Rayz team is Cliff Tompkins. He’s the ‘old hand’ we referred to, some say a really old hand. Cliff earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1970. He often jokes that the degree has probably been recalled for lack of use.Cliff He has spent the last 20+ years in the telecom business, the last 12 years focusing on prepaid activations and top-up. He’s been a serial entrepreneur his entire business career.

Cliff founded Precept in 2000 and, in 2004, sold that company to Euronet Worldwide, that company’s first substantial acquisition in the prepaid space in the U.S. and the unit that later changed its name to epay.

He was very closely involved with the launch of one of the more successful MVNOs to date, Boost Mobile, and sometimes brags that he sold the first Boost PIN (and a lot more after that) and snagged the first Boost phone number. Cliff’s responsibilities include sales and staying out of Dianna’s and Tammy’s way.




The Rayz team members all have some things in common. They know that success depends upon meeting the needs of distributors and dealers. They work hard. They answer their phone or return calls and emails promptly. And they really like the Ultra Mobile offering and people.

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